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What are Administration and Liaison Charges?
Last Updated a year ago

Administration and liaison charges cover a manner of desk-based functions within the business that form part of the service we provide to our residents. These include provision of the online helpdesk, web site and email/telephone support services, as well as standard and financial administration relating to your site.

Please note, our charge-out rates include not only the hourly wage cost of staff involved in your affairs, but also additional costs in enabling these staff to perform their roles, for example an allowance for statutory bank holidays and annual leave, pension payments and employers’ National Insurance – all of which are required to be paid by law.

In addition, the hourly cost charged includes an element of overhead allocation, including office rent and rates and the cost of IT systems which allow the staff to perform their roles, as well as the salary costs of senior staff who direct and supervise the administration function.

We remain committed to keeping such time to a minimum.

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