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How do you deal with defaulted payments?
Last Updated a year ago

It is the responsibility of Betts Estates and our appointed Solicitors and Agents, Waldrons, to act fairly, properly and reasonably, recognising our duty of care.

You have a contractual obligation to pay Service Charges and it is very important to understand that residents benefiting from the greenspace we manage are a community.

If one or several people do not pay their due Service Charges, it affects everyone else adversely. Betts Estates has a duty to all homeowners to ensure all revenue owed to is collected efficiently and effectively for the benefit of all homeowners. If you or others withhold payments, our services may have to be reduced or ultimately other residents may have to pay more if there is joint-and-several liability as is the case on some sites.

Non-payment may also result in the formal debt being pursued through the courts and the debt being registered against your property which may affect your credit rating and ability to sell without our consent unless payment is brought up to date.

Please email, citing your customer reference number. We respect your privacy but reserve the right to hold the relevant information and inform other residents of a shortfall in Service Charge payments, subject always to existing Data Protection legislation.

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